Building a Reading Habit #8: Track Your Reading
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Building a Reading Habit #8: Track Your Reading

Another simple tip: Track Your Reading

Tracking your reading can help keep you focused and give you a sense of accomplishment. Noting the number of pages you have read every day can feel really good, and watching the list of “books read” grow feels great!

There are various online systems for tracking your reading, but a simple paper journal is a low-impact and very personal way to track your reading, and it has the benefit of not being online. A small notebook and pen are all you need.

Every day, note the date, the book, the pages read or the time spent reading (remember, starting small is good!), and remember to make a big celebratory entry when you finish a book! You might even start making little notes about the books, but don’t feel pressured to do that! The important thing is to log your reading.

No matter how small, try to have a daily entry.

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