Teen Street Team Recommends: Credo Reference

Need help with a research project? Use Credo Reference to find background information on practically any subject, all fully accessible online with your library card! Credo has over 3,000,000 reference entries from major academic subject areas as a great starting point for your research.

Credo Reference Quick Facts:

  • Over 3,000,000 reference entries from all major academic subject areas serving as a great starting point for your research
  • Required a library card and Internet access
  • Includes images, audio files, videos and full text articles on any topic you can think of all with full citations

Teen Street Team member Diya has recently been using Credo Reference and offers this recommendation.

Doing research can be really difficult. From finding websites you can trust to figuring out if it is relevant to your topic, it’s a long arduous journey that ends up taking more time than it should. Credo can help change that.

Credo is a website that provides you with helpful websites quickly. By simply typing your research topic into the search bar, Credo will instantly find the most relevant websites from credible sources that you can trust and will pull up pictures that you can use to understand the topic. As a person who has used Credo, I can testify to its effectiveness.

When COVID-19 hit, I had no idea what it was. I tried to learn more about it, looking at various websites and sources, but all that did was confuse me even more. There were many theories and ideas about the Coronavirus that seemed very far-fetched and some seemed to have been taken right out of a science fiction novel! That was when I learned about Credo. When I used Credo, the sites that popped up could not have been more different from the websites that I had seen before. These websites were all made by organizations that specialized in the topic and knew what they were talking about. They were able to provide facts and concrete evidence and all I had to do was type “Coronavirus” into the search bar. It was that simple!

The information in Credo is also kept up to date. As more information is discovered, Credo updates its information keeping it current. No matter what the topic is, Credo will have the best and most relevant information for you! 

Learn more about Credo and how to use it in our Getting Started Guide.

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