Getting Started with Credo Reference

Do you have an assignment, or do you need current information for a work project?

Are you a high school or college student finishing your school year online at home? Or an adult who is telecommuting from your home office?

Try our premium database Credo Reference today to access over 1300 reference books covering over 100 subject areas. Just a few clicks will allow you to read full-text articles and searchable e-books for almost any topic you need. It’s easy to use, and a great source of reliable, objective information.

What is Credo Reference?

Start by viewing Credo’s seven short videos called Research Quick Tips to choose and narrow a topic, search for relevant sources, and start your pre-research.

Use the Basic Search to begin your research and see related articles and images. An Advanced Search option allows you to choose specific search criteria, subjects, titles or publication dates. You can also image search or title search using advanced search options.

How to Run a Basic Search

Key topics in Credo include health and medicine, biography, history, psychology, science,  environmental studies, art and art history, media and communications, and contemporary issues and controversies. In each of those areas, choose a subject, and start your deep dive. You’ll find an overview, books, articles, definitions, biographies, images, maps and videos.

What is the Mind Map?

If you need to brainstorm, Credo’s unique “mind maps” will suggest related topics to consider. It’s easy to filter your results by the type of media you need, by date, and by length.

Once you’re working on your topic, you can save your sources to a list, share articles, embed page links, translate your work into another language, and link to other Plano Library databases, all from your main search page.

Try Credo today–it’s great!

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