Plano Library Speaks Podcast

Like the Plano Public Library mission for all we do, this podcast is engaging, enriching and educating! Listen (and subscribe) to learn more about the library, our programs and services, library staff and community. Librarians Bob Loftin and Rachel Yzaguirre talk with library staff and community experts about early learning and families, business and career building, as well as highlighting library services and staff profiles.

Podcast episodes premiere on the 1st of the each month.

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How to Subscribe

The podcast went live on October 1st. Over the next few days it will show up on all your favorite podcast services.  We will link to them here as it shows up.

You can subscribe directly by putting our feed address directly into your podcatcher app —

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Season 1 | Episodes

1: Parachute Parties, Mentors, Business Resources and Teen Street Team

featuring Andrea Cabrera (Librarian), Laura Hargrove (Librarian), Kristin Linscott (Development Coordinator) and Trisha Clark (Librarian)

Airs Friday, October 1, 2021 – Click here for full show notes.

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