DIY Literacy with Library Make

Want to learn about fun, easy literacy activities? Then it’s time for Library Make, a video tutorial series brought to you by Plano Public Library! See the full playlist on our YouTube page here.

Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions for creating fun literacy activities used at the library for your own home. We’ll also help keep your child learning with extra activities and examples on how to use them at home and on the go. 

To see more Library Make activities and tutorials, check out all our posts tagged “Library Make” or browse the list below.

happy making graphic

Letter Dig

Cover letters in flour and get to digging on Library Make!


Let’s make some noise on this episode of Library Make!

Story Cube

Roll the dice and create a story on Library Make!

Pipe Cleaner Caterpillars

How can pipe cleaners help prepare your child to learn to write?

Moon Sand Library Make

Moon Sand

Ever wondered what it would be like to build sandcastles on the moon?

Shoe Box Flannel Library Make

Shoe Box Flannel

Everyone can be a storyteller with this do-it-yourself portable flannel board

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