Getting Started with RBdigital

Ready to start a new audiobook? Want to catch up on the latest magazines? Desire to learn something new? RBdigital can fulfill all of those needs!

RBdigital is a free resource available for use with your library card. It offers audiobooks, magazines and access to a large variety of Great Courses. There is also access to newspapers through PressReader, which you can read more about in this previous blog post.

To get started, access RBdigital through the Plano Public Library website or by downloading the app on a device. To check out materials, a free account must be created, requiring your library card number and email address.

Here are some tips for how to best explore each area of RBdigital:


There are hundreds of audiobooks available for check out. To search for a specific title, simply enter into the search bar. You can even search for a specific narrator using the search bar. To browse, there are several filters to use to narrow down your search, including genre, availability and intended audience.

Once you have found a title to check out, you can view the description and see the length of each chapter. You can choose how long to check the item out for up to 21 days. Items will return automatically once it has reached the due date.


Similar to audiobooks, there are dozens of magazines available for check out, with a large quantity of back issues available for each magazine. You can either search by a specific title or narrow down option using the filters for genre and language.

Each magazine holds several back issues available for checkout. When checked out, the item can be viewed in different formats. If you are looking for a specific article, you can use the table of contents to quickly find it.

Great Courses

RBdigital gives access to dozens of Great Courses in many categories, including economics, science, food and health. Already sorted by genre, you can pick a course that interests you and gain access to the material. RBdigital gives you a 7-day unlimited pass to Great Courses that can be renewed indefinitely by returning to the RBdigital site.

For additional assistance, see the Help page from RBdigital.

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